The tannery “Lo Stivale” was founded in 1958 by Duilio Caponi (Faloppa).
The initial production focused exclusively on cowhide shoulders. Over time, the business was passed down from generation to generation. With the accumulated experience, the company expanded and diversified its production, including side bends and calf leather. One of the elements that has always characterized Lo Stivale is the vegetable tanning process, following the ancient Tuscan tradition.
The company is indeed part of the Consortium of Italian Vegetable Tanned Genuine Leather. Furthermore, Lo Stivale has obtained the ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating a management system that effectively controls the environmental impacts of its activities and a constant and systematic pursuit of effective and sustainable improvement for the protection of the territory.
The leather produced by Lo Stivale is used for accessories such as belts and wallets, for footwear, and is perfect for the creation of motorcycle bags and saddlery. The tannery operates within an industrial district where public and private investments have led to the establishment of service activities aimed at wastewater treatment and the handling of processing waste and by-products (including the Aquarno Consortium Sewage Treatment Plant, at the forefront in its field, and the SGS Consortium that processes the by-product of skin fleshing into tripe).

This is the image that has always represented us.

lo stivale