The Consortium of Italian Vegetable Tanned Genuine Leather was founded in 1994 by a small group of Tuscan tanners, and in a short time, the number of members has significantly increased.

Today, there are over 20 tanneries that are part of the consortium, all operating in the area of the Tuscan leather tanning district and united by the production of exclusively vegetable-tanned leather. The region between Florence and Pisa represents the only Italian district for the production of high-quality vegetable-tanned leather. It is 100% natural leather that adapts to any production process and requires time and artisanal mastery to transform it into a fusion of technology and tradition.

Recognizing that the strength of vegetable-tanned leather also lies in the Tuscan tradition, as a guarantor and ambassador of this Tuscan excellence worldwide, the Consortium has created a quality mark to guarantee the leather produced by its member tanneries: “Vegetable Tanned Leather in Tuscany.”

The mark is promoted through a specific warranty certificate, presented in a graphic design with anti-counterfeiting systems and a progressive and registered numbering that allows for traceability of both the tannery supplying the leather and the manufacturer of the product.


The naming was conceived by Oliviero Toscani, who also designed the logo.
The name was chosen to emphasize Tuscany and the peculiarities of its territory.
The term “vegetable” was used to evoke the local artisanal tradition and characterize the production process.
The image of the handprint recalls the craftsmanship of the product.