Our environmental policy

Lo Stivale Srl Tannery produces high-quality vegetable-tanned bovine leather for leather goods, belts, saddlery, footwear, and furniture. The company is a member of the “Consortium of Italian Vegetable Tanned Genuine Leather”. This mark guarantees that the leather has undergone a tanning process with vegetable extracts (such as chestnut, quebracho, and mimosa) in compliance with ancient artisanal traditions. This process, combined with the quality of the raw material, gives the finished leather a distinctive natural appearance and thickness.

In line with the current demands of our customers, who are increasingly attentive to the 360° sustainability aspects of production, the management, in addition to the commitment to protect natural resources and prevent pollution that has traditionally inspired our operations, as evidenced by our ISO 4001 certification since 2014, intends to further deepen our commitment to social/ethical responsibility and product certification, as well as embark on the LWG certification process.

To achieve these commitments, all company personnel and those working on our behalf are invited to share the following commitments:

Respect the principles of transparency, fairness, and good faith in relationships with institutions, control bodies, customers, suppliers, and competitors, avoiding unfair acts that violate the UNIC Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility.
Fully comply with all mandatory, regulatory, and legislative requirements applicable to environmental aspects and products, as well as labor and occupational health and safety legislation, including, in particular, the Workers’ Statute and the National Collective Labor Agreement.
Protect natural resources and prevent pollution.
Safeguard the physical and moral health and safety of personnel.

– Collect evidence regarding the origin of incoming leather using management tools implemented for this purpose.
To implement these commitments, the management intends to integrate the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System with the management of social and product responsibility aspects. Specifically, the management commits to:
– Periodically evaluate the efficiency of our Management System.
Continuously improve environmental performance by reducing resource consumption (water and energy), preventing/reducing pollution, paying attention to wastewater, atmospheric emissions, odors, and waste production.
– Optimize risk prevention for the health of workers and end consumers, as well as for the environment, related to the use of hazardous chemicals, ensuring full compliance with mandatory requirements regarding the content of hazardous substances in the finished product (Regulation No. 1907/2006 EC REACH, Reg. 2019/1021/EU POPS, Reg. 528/2012/EU Biocides, etc.). Moreover, the company has chosen to participate in the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Project, aimed at eliminating additional substances with proven impact on health and/or the environment voluntarily, based on ethical and sustainability considerations.
– Prevent, eliminate, and, where not possible, reduce risks to occupational health and safety, in order to prevent accidents, work-related incidents, acts of intimidation, and the onset of occupational diseases.
Implement appropriate risk and opportunity management related to the environmental aspects of the tannery’s activities and products, as well as its compliance obligations, even from a broader perspective of corporate protection.
Assess the environmental impacts of ongoing activities and any new activities, products, or processes that the company plans to undertake in the future, as well as the new goods/services it intends to use.
Continuously update integrated management system procedures, with particular attention to emergency procedures to promptly respond to potential hazards for workers and the environment.
Establish an open and effective dialogue with the community, associations, institutions, and control bodies, providing them with the necessary information to understand the environmental impacts
Consult and encourage the participation of workers and their representatives in improving company processes.
Promote initiatives for information, training, and development towards the staff and those working on behalf of the tannery, in order to foster responsible behavior in line with the guidelines of this Policy and the Management System.

This Policy is disseminated within Conceria Lo Stivale Srl to ensure that it is known and supported by all personnel. It is also made available to the public, allowing external stakeholders to access it. Furthermore, this Policy is complemented by environmental objectives and targets that are periodically planned by the Management and communicated to the company’s staff and those who request them.

Santa Croce S/Arno, 23.02.2022